What you'll get:

  • Group coaching & training with Author & Speaker Nikkie Pryce

  • First 25 people get an instant digital download of my best-selling book Dreamers, Take Action

  • Digital downloadable Self-Love experience workbook

  • Access to 4-week challenge 

  • Group support from other participants

  • Discounted further one-on-one coaching 

  • 7-day free trial exclusive access to I AM Community (registration required)  


Week 1:

Activate the Power of words

  • How to effectively use affirmations & see results

  • Understand how to use powerful words to impact change

  • How to create what you want with your words

  • How to tap into your true identity & how to always K.I.P. (keep it positive) 

Week 2:

Access to Godly Community

  • What is a Godly community and why you need to invest in yourself today

  • How to find the right tribe for you

  • The real meaning of sisterhood & support

  • How to connect with encouragement, & empowerment through community 

Week 3:

Unlock massive Self-Love: 

  • 7 stages to Loving Yourself & apply it now

  • How to say "no" and own it

  • How to put yourself first priority & choose yourself

  • Do you know the order of self-love? Find out today and unlock it

BONUS- Week 4:

Know your Self-Worth

  • The danger of insecurity & what to do about it 

  • How to stand in full confidence and own it! 

  • Tap into & boost your self-esteem now 

  • Grow stronger and increase your confidence today! 

Facilitator Nikkie Pryce

Nikkie is focused on inspiring and motivating people to put action behind their dreams.


Being in the media industry and working directly with the public, she has experience pushing people past their own created limitations.


She has earned the title of "self-love influencer" through her global women's empowerment organization, I AM Community.


The community is comprised of dreamers who encourage self-love and self-awareness, starting with “I AM” affirmations.


What all started as a simple journey to finding her own self-love became a phenomenon of connections and solid relationships.


Nikkie's recently released best-selling book Dreamers, Take Action! The blueprint to go from dreamer to doer has changed the lives of dreamers worldwide. If you have breath in your body, you can accomplish your dreams with massive action and strategies.


A highly-recommended motivational speaker, Nikkie speaks publicly and hosts workshops for women to increase their self-confidence and self-love. Nikkie recently hosted her workshop with the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders. She speaks and trains at corporate conferences, empowerment events, women’s retreats, youth girl groups, schools, and church functions.

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