90-Day Best-Selling Author Program

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Our clients are women of faith who are dedicated, ambitious, and determined to get their books into the world. They have desires to motivate and inspire others to go after their dreams. Take a listen to what they say about our 90-Day Best-Selling Author Program.

Best-Seller Stories

Here's the moment my client found out she just hit Best-Seller on Amazon. After she applied my Best-Seller strategy she took off running and did the work. This can be you too once you write and publish your book through our 90-Day Author program. 

90-Day Best-Selling Author Program

Our Program was created with you in mind. 

Some of our

90-Day Author 


90-Day Author Best-Seller Intensive Timeline

0-30 Days

Manuscript Complete



Editing Process



Publishing & Best-Seller



Jamie Watkins

Best-Selling Author of  "My Peace of Happy"

"I sat on the vision way too long! When it was finally time to put my faith into action, Coach Nikkie was the obvious choice! She helped me get out of my way so that I could birth the vision God gave me!

Ashley M. Ratcliff

Best-Selling Author of "Jesus Year"

"Coach Nikkie encouraged me and let me know my voice matters, that I’m on assignment from God. Thanks to her, I completed my goal of becoming a published author. I will use what she instilled in me to build my next steps in developing my business.”

Tamara Faith

Best-Selling Author of "Sweet not Stupid"

"I was motivated to work with Coach Nikkie because she is a woman of faith. She saw me at my highest self. I wrote my book in 30 days & published in 90 days. I am so much more confident now."



    • You're a woman of faith desiring to write a book
    • You're willing to put in the work to see the results you want
    • You want results and you want them fast
    • You're self-motivated and with the proper strategies you will write your book in 30 days
    • You're self-accountable and will do your work without any hand holding
    • You're ready to invest in yourself


    • You're not ready to put in the work
    • You're not willing to invest in yourself
    • You're not teachable and coachable
    • You're focused on doing the intensive your own way 
    • You're not willing to financially invest in yourself
    • You make excuses when it's time to work
    • You're on the fence about becoming a best-selling published author

How to Apply

Application Process

  • Step 1:

    Application submission for consideration

    Our simple application process is the tool we use to see if you're a good fit for our program. Once you submit your application, our team will reach out to schedule your 90-Day author strategy session. Submit your application today to see if you qualify. 

  • Step 2: 

    Free 90-Day Author Strategy Session

    Once selected, we will meet for our strategy session. The purpose of this call is to see where you are in the process of writing your book. I will ask a ton of questions to gauge where you are and see how I can support you best. You will receive a 90-Day Author strategy that you can apply whether you decide to work with me or not. 

  • Step 3: 

    Program Invitation 

    On our call, if I believe you're a good fit for our program, I will extend an invitation for you to join. Upon acceptance, we will move forward with the next steps. 

  • Step 4: 

    Contract & Payment

    If you accept our invitation, you will complete the contact and payment. We have our private coaching investments and payment plans available. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few answers to our most common questions

How long does it take to write my book?

What does the coaching entail? 

How soon can I see results?

Results can be seen as soon as the process starts. Coach Nikkie will provide all of the resources you need to write and publish your book. 

90-Day Best-Selling Author Program 

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